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Relief Resources is a non-profit organization that provides multiple services to individuals suffering from mental health disorders. Relief is geared specifically toward members of the Jewish community who are dealing with these overwhelming issues. Our mission is to facilitate relief to individuals and families using the following means:

We provide access to the resources available and to partner individuals with the best mental health professional appropriate to their specific need. This is accomplished through Relief’s referral service.

We maintain an extensive database of qualified mental health providers with comprehensive information regarding range of specialty, location, therapeutic technique, and insurance participation.

Relief maintains contact with the callers and follows-up to see if they are comfortable with the caregiver and the course of treatment administered. We field any question or misgivings which patients or family members may be reluctant to pose to their doctor. As such, Relief often assumes the additional role of liaison between the mental health provider, patient, family members and clergy.

Relief keeps abreast of the therapeutic programs available to the public. Relief researches mental health facilities; their inpatient and outpatient programs.

Relief host seminars and teleconferences to provide education to the community regarding pressing issues in mental health.

Relief promotes cultural sensitivity amongst clinicians and facilities that treat our population.

This service has proven to be a valuable resource for the Jewish Community, and thousands of callers have successfully found the help they need.